Our latest members are an excellent example of the cross section of people who choose to join Club 26! From different backgrounds and age groups, Lynton, Bonny, Glenda James, Michael, Katarina & Shan have joined Rostrum this year for a variety of reasons.

UniSA international students Bonny, James & Shan are all keen in developing their English language skills and being able to practice their speaking and presentation skills in a supportive and friendly environment.

Lynton, Michael, Glenda & Katarina each bring a professional input and saw a career advantage in developing their oral presentation skills and using the meetings as a practise ground for trialling their work presentations and gaining that confidence to present information in front of a group of people.

All of our new members, have been awarded the ‘Bright Spark Award’ and more often than not the meeting’s ‘Speaker of the Day’ award, after delivering their first speech, such is the high calibre of our new members.



Speaker of the Day Award


26SA Bright Spark Award

Geoff Moffat Bright Spark Award


DW MD Bronze


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